Hakkinen: “These Formula 1 cars are made for one driver”

F1 teams deny developing cars to suit specific drivers, prioritizing pure performance. However, Mika Hakkinen holds a different perspective, suggesting teams subtly adjust designs to align with driver preferences.

Historical instances validate this notion. Ayrton Senna collaborated with McLaren, refining cars to match his aggressive style. Lewis Hamilton’s synergy with Mercedes exemplifies how driver adaptability can shape technical direction.

As for unseating reigning champion Max Verstappen from his Red Bull throne, Hakkinen wisely notes that predicting Formula 1 outcomes is akin to chasing shadows.

Talking about beating champion Max Verstappen in the RB19, Hakkinen says guessing in Formula 1 is like trying to catch shadows.

The two-time world champion told the French edition of Motorsport.com: “It’s very difficult to answer that question, simply because when I was racing, people wondered what would have happened if I was in the same team as Michael Schumacher, for example.”

“These Formula 1 cars are made for one driver. For Max, it’s a car made to measure for him. The way he turns the wheel, almost everything is made for him. So if you put a driver in the same team, driving the same car, he’ll have a different driving style.

“Maybe it won’t work. That driver needs to be in another team, where he can develop the car for him so that it suits him.”

“There are so many great drivers… Lewis is obviously a great World Champion, who has done a fantastic job over the years. George Russell is undoubtedly an incredible, hard-working young driver.

The Finn continued by commending the competition between McLaren’s Lando Norris and rookie Oscar Piastri in the first half of the ongoing campaign.

“Lando Norris, [Oscar] Piastri… I’d say Piastri and Lando are really interesting at the moment because they’re fighting each other, they’re on the edge. It can be a very interesting combination. But to answer your question directly, I’d say I don’t know!”