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Jos Verstappen: “Max wants to show who the best is.”

The unyielding resolve of Max Verstappen to establish his dominance has evolved into an unquestionable powerhouse.

The Dutchman displayed his prowess, securing his tenth triumph of the 2023 season at the legendary Spa circuit starting 6th on the grid. He surged ahead of his teammate, Sergio Perez, by a commanding margin of over 22 seconds.

During the same eventful weekend, Jos Verstappen, father of the reigning world champion, spoke about his son’s relentless aspirations and his resolute resolve to prove his supremacy to the world.

Jos Verstappen told ServusTV: “Max wants to show who the best is. He’s proving that again here [in Spa]. He’s fully on it.

“But it’s also challenging: always being there, in every practice session, qualifying, and race – but that’s what he’s doing at the moment.”

The RB19 unquestionably stands out as the premier vehicle in terms of race pace. Yet, this supremacy hasn’t translated into unchallenged dominance for the Austrian outfit.

A notable instance is Sergio Perez, who has encountered considerable difficulty in narrowing the performance gap with his teammate.

According to Jos Verstappen, this discrepancy is attributed to a synergistic ‘dream’ partnership between his son and the Red Bull team.

“Of course, you need a good car, and he has it: Max with Red Bull together, it just works,” he said. “It’s incredible, like a dream, even better,”