Reports: Hamilton Rejects Ferrari’s Tempting Offer from Elkann

Ferrari’s President, John Elkann, took a personal initiative by reaching out to Lewis Hamilton, extending an offer for a contract with Ferrari.

As the current season comes to an end, Hamilton finds himself out of contract with Mercedes. Both Hamilton and his team’s principal, Toto Wolff, have consistently assured that a new deal is in the works.

Despite these reassurances and nearly six months since the initial talks, no concrete agreement has yet materialized.

However, according to reports from Italian journalist Leo Turrini, Hamilton politely turned down the offer.

“Hamilton had been contacted personally by Elkann. I understand he politely replied ‘no thanks’. And you can understand it,” wrote Leo Turrini.

Evidently, the president of Ferrari was not the sole high-ranking figure aiming to lure the illustrious seven-time world champion away from Mercedes.

According to details from Auto Motor und Sport, it emerges that Elkann’s endeavour to secure Hamilton a position donning the iconic Ferrari colours is not a singular venture confined to the echelons of Ferrari’s hierarchy.

Mirroring the outcome of Elkann’s approach, it transpires that Hamilton courteously declined Vasseur’s advances as well.

“Vasseur is rumoured to have made Hamilton an offer, I won’t deny it,” Michael Schmidt revealed.

“I think Vasseur knows well that Lewis is not going anywhere, but he also has to make sure that Ferrari show some dynamism.

“I also think Hamilton is quite smart. He knows very well that even if they pay him double in Maranello, things won’t go any better there: Ferrari is not ahead of Mercedes as a car.