Wolff Challenges Newey on Mercedes Woes

Toto Wolff has acknowledged that Mercedes is grappling with their car issues following the Miami Grand Prix, suggesting that not even the expertise of Red Bull’s Adrian Newey could swiftly remedy their troubles.

The W15 has displayed only fleeting glimpses of its full potential in 2024, prompting Mercedes to experiment with various setups in search of the right balance.

However, both Lewis Hamilton and George Russell have visibly struggled behind the wheel, placing the Silver Arrows in a critical position to salvage their season. Hamilton achieved his best result of the season in Miami, securing sixth place, while Russell finished eighth.

Nevertheless, there were moments during the race when the Mercedes appeared significantly slower than their competitors, particularly when Hamilton found himself trailing Nico Hulkenberg’s Haas even with the aid of DRS.

Wolff’s frustration was palpable in the Mercedes garage, as evidenced by the image of him with his hands on his head, encapsulating their predicament. When the notion of Newey potentially joining Mercedes to address their challenges arose, Wolff expressed cautious skepticism.

“Adrian is an incredible engineer, but at the moment even the greatest magician would probably struggle to solve our problems,” Wolff conveyed to the press following the Miami GP.

Reports suggest that every Formula 1 team has reached out to Newey, the renowned F1 engineering guru, following his departure from Red Bull after 19 years.

While Ferrari appears to be the front-runner to secure the 65-year-old’s services, the prospect of Newey joining Mercedes cannot be discounted, especially after Wolff was observed conversing with him in the Miami paddock.

However, the prospect of luring Newey and Max Verstappen away from Red Bull seems increasingly improbable following another disappointing outcome for the Silver Arrows. Wolff finds himself hopeful for a resurgence akin to McLaren’s in the remaining 18 races.

“The situation is terrifying. We must admit that it is very annoying to always have the same problems… there are no explanations and there are no excuses,” Wolff lamented. “If Lewis does a lap with a tenth of a difference from the leader, we are third, but then nothing works on the following hot lap.

“That’s what we don’t understand at the moment with the tyres, we can’t get them to go into the correct window. It’s not an excuse, because everyone else understands it better. We continue to work and hope to develop like McLaren did last year.”