Verstappen Exercises Caution Regarding Red Bull’s Winning Streak: “Even Mercedes couldn’t do it!”

As the 2023 Formula 1 season advances, Max Verstappen, the driving force behind Red Bull’s remarkable performance, maintains a cautious outlook on the team’s potential to conquer every race.

Despite the undeniable triumph in securing victories across all 12 races thus far, Verstappen acknowledges the formidable challenges that lie ahead.

Stepping into the Formula 1 summer hiatus, Verstappen carries the momentum of eight consecutive wins, a feat that was most recently showcased at the Belgian Grand Prix.

During this thrilling race, he commanded a substantial 32-second lead over the nearest non-Red Bull competitor, underscoring the team’s dominance.

While basking in the present glory, Verstappen is well aware of the historical milestones that set the bar high.

The current record for the highest number of wins in a single season is firmly held by McLaren, who achieved a staggering 15 victories out of 16 races during the iconic 1988 season, culminating in an astounding 94% win average.

Verstappen’s pragmatic approach emphasizes the intricate challenges associated with maintaining such a spectacular record.

The Dutchman’s measured perspective serves as a reminder that while history is being rewritten, the road to complete victory remains a demanding endeavor.

When asked whether the win record would mean to a lot, Verstappen told the media:

“It means more to the team, but from my side I just focus on every single race and I try to win.

“We just try to keep it going and we’ll see, just enjoying the moment. But I think it’s just an incredible achievement from the whole team.

“Yes, we have the dominant car, but it’s also very easy to make mistakes and then not win one race. Then of course, the streak has gone right?”

Mercedes stands as the most recent team to achieve a remarkable 90% win average in a single season. Their achievement occurred during the 2016 season, where they secured victory in an impressive 19 out of 21 races. This dominance, however, was not without its setbacks.

Among the two races Mercedes didn’t win that season was the Spanish Grand Prix, marked by a collision between their drivers, Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg, on the opening lap. Additionally, the Malaysia Grand Prix witnessed Hamilton’s misfortune as he encountered an engine failure.

Verstappen believes unexpected moments could crop up for Red Bull: “Even in the dominant years of Mercedes, they couldn’t make it happen.

“I think they were probably even more dominant [compared to] what we have at the moment or what McLaren had to do. Because there was a lot more retirements going on just with reliability.

“But I’m really proud to be part of the team and to achieve something like this.”