Formula 1 legend blasts the current state of the sport

German racing legend Hans-Joachim Stuck has voiced strong criticism of some of the latest developments in Formula 1.

In a recent interview with Eurosport Germany, the 72-year-old former F1 driver was asked about the suggestion that the FIA should introduce certain rules to curb Red Bull’s dominant performance.

“I think that’s totally unfair,” Stuck expressed his discontent.

He believes that it is of greater importance for the FIA to better organize itself and eliminate practices like starting races behind the safety car in the rain, which, according to Stuck, “kidded the people.” He added that some of his friends felt deceived after a race began behind the safety car at Spa Francorchamps.

Regarding Formula 1’s commitment to sustainability, Stuck finds it unconscionable that synthetic fuels are not already powering the cars. He questioned, “Why hasn’t this been the case – for a long time?” and stressed that Formula 1 must consistently take on a pioneering role in the automotive world.

“We can already convert classic cars to run on synthetic fuel, so why not Formula 1? What sort of club is this? I find that impossible,” Stuck added.

He also criticized the opposition faced by potential new teams, like Andretti-Cadillac, who desire to join Formula 1 from 2025.

“If the FIA bends to the will of the teams that are against new teams like that, then I ask myself: would this have happened under Jean Todt?” Stuck questioned.

Stuck strongly believes that Formula 1 needs fresh teams on the grid, as there are “two hands full” of deserving drivers who currently struggle to secure a seat.

Among those drivers, Stuck mentioned his fellow German Mick Schumacher.

“He will certainly be learning a lot at Mercedes,” Stuck acknowledged, “but how he secures a cockpit again remains to be seen.”