Coulthard’s Take on Mercedes’ Troubling Times

David Coulthard has expressed apprehension regarding Mercedes’ performance in Formula 1.

Once a force to reckon with, Toto Wolff’s Mercedes team is currently encountering difficulties in their third consecutive F1 season, trailing behind the leading Red Bull team.

During the recent Miami race, Lewis Hamilton and George Russell found themselves trailing not just behind the race winner Lando Norris in his McLaren, but also both Ferraris and both Red Bulls.

Former Formula 1 driver Coulthard conveyed his disappointment to Channel 4, stating, “It’s disappointing for us all. We want to see George and Lewis in the mix. Quality drivers. One with the seven-time world champion stamp… and we know it could be more…

“They are having a troubled time. But they are having a troubled time in one of the most competitive eras in Formula 1. In China, the spread from pole to last was one-and-a-half percent.

“The difference between Usain Bolt winning the 100m and the guy in eighth was two percent! So let’s keep it in perspective. They are dealing with small margins.

“But that’s what Formula 1 is. It represents the very best. They are two great drivers. They need to keep looking at the areas they can improve on that car. But right now? It’s troubled times.”

Norris’s triumph at the F1 Miami Grand Prix highlighted a victory for Mercedes’ customer team, compounding the challenges for the manufacturer.

In the preceding year, it was Aston Martin, another customer team of Mercedes, that often surpassed expectations, outshining the Mercedes outfit.

With star driver Hamilton set to depart for Ferrari in 2025, Mercedes faces a pivotal juncture in their rebuilding phase, particularly in the selection of his replacement.

Wolff has set his sights on Max Verstappen, aiming to capitalize on the internal discord within Red Bull and potentially lure the reigning champion away from his current team.

Alternatively, Mercedes is considering other options such as Carlos Sainz or Andrea Kimi Antonelli for the coveted seat.