Verstappen ventures into real-life team ownership

Max Verstappen is currently in the process of forming his very own real-life racing team.

The current world champion is already actively engaged with the sim racing team Redline. However, he is now focusing on creating a real-life GT3 team under the Racing banner.

According to the Dutch publication Formule 1, the team could be up and running, competing on the track by 2025.

Verstappen expressed his enthusiasm for the project, stating, “This project energises me.”

He also added, “At Racing, we already sponsor and support various racing activities of people close to me. It all began with Team Redline, and now we are actively involved with Thierry Vermeulen in DTM and GTWC Sprint, as well as with my father in rallying.”

The 25-year-old driver shared his ultimate ambition, saying, “But the ultimate goal is to set up our own racing team. We will start in the GT3 class, and then we will see where the ship goes. But when I do something, I want to do it well.”

Verstappen emphasized the purpose behind the team, stating, “It’s about creating a stepping stone from sim racing to GT3 so that you can end up in motorsport not only through karting, which costs a lot of money at the moment.”