Verstappen sympathizes with Colton Hertha on his superlicense denial.

The failure of Colton Herta to obtain a superlicense for Formula 1 for the 2023 season is tough and painful according to Max Verstappen.

Herta was strongly linked with an AlphaTauri seat for 2023, but his hopes were dashed when he failed to have the required 40 qualifying points to get the F1 superlicense.

Herta’s IndyCar results were only 32, and despite the efforts of Helmut Marko, the American driver was not granted an exemption.

Herta will remain with Team Andretti Autosport in 2023, knowing that winning the championship will earn him a block of 40 points that will put him in the running for an F1 spot in 2024.

Verstappen, whose debut in Formula 1 in 2015 at the age of 17 was the reason for the introduction of the points system, believes Herta could compete in the sport.

Current world champion Max Verstappen speaking to NBC Motorsports said: “I think in the past, a lot of great drivers wouldn’t have been able to jump into Formula 1.”

“It is very tough and I don’t always agree with it. I do think that for some drivers it is sometimes necessary, but when you have some really big talents, they don’t need to do 24 years in junior categories to get all those points.

“It is a tough one, it works out for some people and then of course it is very painful if you don’t as you are denied an opportunity to get into Formula 1.

“If Colton wins the championship in IndyCar, then that opens a lot of doors.”