Vandoorne Backs Nyck de Vries To Revive His Motorsport Career.

Stoffel Vandoorne, who has shared a team with Nyck de Vries in the past, has expressed confidence in his former teammate’s ability to revive his struggling motor racing career.

De Vries, the former Formula E champion, faced a setback when he was unexpectedly released by Alpha Tauri, owned by Red Bull, after only ten races in his debut Formula 1 season.

“Unfortunately it often happens a bit like that in F1,” said Belgian Vandoorne, whose own F1 career was cut short after struggling alongside Fernando Alonso at McLaren some years ago.

“Either it can go very well, or it can go very badly,” the 31-year-old told RTBF.

“I think everyone expected to see great things from Nyck, but the car was not performing at all, so it’s very difficult to get noticed like that.

“Unfortunately he had a very difficult time, and we also know how it goes with the Red Bull clan. It’s often like this.

“But Nyck is still a great guy and I think he will find something else in motorsport,” Vandoorne added.