The FIA President has revealed his dream for F1 teams looking to join the grid in the future.

FIA President Mohammed Ben Sulayem has set his sights on an ambitious vision for Formula 1, hoping to witness American and Chinese teams battling it out on the prestigious F1 grid.

In a recent interview with Motorsport Total, Ben Sulayem expressed his dream of welcoming manufacturers from two of the world’s largest economies into the thrilling world of Formula 1 racing.

 “My dream is a full United States of America team from an OEM and I would like to also see an OEM from China, He said.

“Everybody is allowed to have a dream. But it is also achievable. You have 1.4 billion people in China, and over 50% of your vehicles on the road, electric vehicles, are Chinese. That’s facts. It is a big market.”

As the governing body actively evaluates prospective entrants, the motorsport community eagerly awaits news on the successful candidates in the next “four to six weeks.” Numerous teams have already made their intentions public, voicing their interest in joining the competitive F1 grid.

Among these eager contenders are Andretti-Cadillac, Hietch GP, LKY SUNZ, Formula Equal, and Rodin Carlin, each vying for a spot in the prestigious racing league.

Ben Sulayem’s vision stems from the belief that a full-fledged United States of America team from an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and an OEM from China would revolutionize the sport.

Explaining his rationale, he pointed out that China, with a population of 1.4 billion people and a growing market for electric vehicles, presents an exciting prospect for Formula 1’s expansion.

However, the idea of focusing on nationalities has drawn differing opinions from within the racing community. Some existing team principals, like Frederic Vasseur and Toto Wolff, have expressed concerns about this approach, emphasizing the importance of an “accretive” element when welcoming new teams into the fold.

One factor that may entice manufacturers from both the United States and China to take the leap into Formula 1 is the 2026 power unit regulations.

The upcoming regulations promise a 50/50 power split between the Internal Combustion Engine and electrification, a development that aligns perfectly with China’s serious commitment to electric and hybrid vehicles.

“The Chinese are serious when it comes to EV and hybrid,” said the FIA President.

“And I tell you something: the PU last year was the right thing to do. If we didn’t do it, do you really think Audi would have come and joined? That happened only after the PU was approved and all the teams signed it.

“We did it for the good of the sport. And it opened the door. Honda came, Ford joined, Porsche are deciding. I would say it is still warm with Porsche and Formula 1. All that happened for a good reason.”

Undoubtedly, the FIA President’s dream could redefine the future of Formula 1, paving the way for a diverse grid filled with teams representing economic powerhouses.

As the motorsport world eagerly awaits the outcome of the evaluations, the prospect of witnessing American and Chinese manufacturers taking their place on the iconic F1 grid brings an air of excitement and anticipation to the racing scene.