Wolf on Hamilton’s Contract: I’m doing everything I can to make him stay.”

The negotiations regarding the contract of the seven-time world champion, Lewis Hamilton, remain in a state of uncertainty at Mercedes, with little progress and clarity emerging thus far.

Mercedes’ team principal, Toto Wolff, is leaving no stone unturned in his efforts to persuade Lewis Hamilton to continue with the team.

Hamilton’s tenure with Mercedes, which commenced in 2013 when he replaced his childhood idol, Michael Schumacher, has been nothing short of a triumph in the annals of motorsport.

Despite the resounding success, the 38-year-old racing maestro’s existing contract with the team is due to expire this year.

Consequently, discussions between Hamilton and the team have been underway for several months, as both parties seek to find common ground and ensure a promising future together.

When questioned about Lewis Hamilton’s future with Mercedes beyond this season, Wolff explained: ‘Well I very much hope so.’

‘I’m doing everything I can to make him stay. I think there is no need to persuade him.

‘He knows about all the goodness and although we struggled with the car this year, and last year, he will be part of the resurrection of the team.’

The Austrian team principal Wolff vividly expounded upon the profound bond he and Hamilton cultivated over a decade of collaboration.

In his articulate account, he likened the connection they share to that of an intimately close couple.

The depth of their personal relationship and the remarkable rapport between the two during their extensive partnership were brought to light in a heartfelt manner.

As per MailOnline, he said:’The kind of analogy I gave to him is that also I have arguments with [my wife] Susie. 

‘Even if we shout at each other, which didn’t happen a lot, but even if we have this argument, there’s never a thought of divorcing, and that’s why I said to him, “I don’t want to divorce you and neither do you. Because I want the best racing driver in our cars and you want to have the best car.”

‘So we came to the conclusion that we can have conflict, we can create an atmosphere where we’re able to be brutally honest with each other, and sometimes we agree to disagree, but we move on.’