Sergio Perez Faces Potential Financial Losses with Red Bull Contract Clause

Mexican racing driver Sergio Perez finds himself facing not just the challenge of retaining his position at the Red Bull team for the upcoming season, but also potential financial consequences linked to a clause in his contract.

According to reports, Perez’s lacklustre performances have resulted in a substantial points gap between him and his Dutch teammate, Max Verstappen, prompting concerns that this could lead to significant financial losses for the driver.

Up until the Miami Grand Prix, Perez had been in close competition with his teammate, but regrettably, he has been unable to bridge the gap to the impeccable Verstappen once again.

The widening points deficit has raised eyebrows, and the contract clause comes into play, adding further pressure on Perez’s future prospects within the team.

As per De Telegraaf, Sergio Perez’s contract includes a clause that allows Red Bull the option to downgrade his multi-million dollar deal should he fall 125 points or more behind his teammate, Max Verstappen.

As of the summer break, Perez finds himself precisely 125 points behind Verstappen, raising concerns about potential repercussions on his current deal, reportedly valued at around €7 million with an additional €3 million bonus.

While Red Bull can potentially trigger this clause in the current month, it’s anticipated that the contract’s duration, extending until the end of 2024, would remain unchanged.

However, when approached for clarification on the contractual specifics, Red Bull has reportedly chosen not to respond to inquiries, leaving the details of the arrangement subject to speculation.

As the season unfolds, the performance gap between Perez and Verstappen will be under scrutiny, as it holds significant implications for the financial aspects of Perez’s deal and the team dynamics moving forward.

The situation adds an air of uncertainty to Perez’s future, with the potential for adjustments to his remuneration and the need for a renewed drive to close the points gap with his exceptional teammate.