Horner: If You Can’t Handle Marko, You Can’t Handle F1.

Red Bull’s triumphs in recent years can be attributed, in part, to Marko’s keen eye for emerging talent. In a brilliant move, they secured the talents of Max Verstappen back in 2015, directly from Formula 3, outmanoeuvring Mercedes, who also had their sights on the promising Dutch driver.

However, amidst the glory, there lies a strict and unforgiving side to Marko and Red Bull. Drivers who fail to live up to the high expectations face the harsh reality of being cast aside.

The latest addition to the list of rejected drivers is Nyck de Vries, who had a brief stint of just 10 races with AlphaTauri before parting ways.

Marko’s influence and expertise remain unparalleled in the racing world, propelling Red Bull to greatness while also demanding excellence from those under his watchful gaze.

Christian Horner, in a recent conversation with the ESPN Unlapped podcast, emphasizes the significance of Marko’s ruthless approach in shaping the team’s success.

“He’s a tough operator with the junior drivers but if they can’t survive Helmut, they’ll never survive F1,” said Horner.

“He’s a communication manager’s nightmare. So when Helmut goes rogue, then you guys only have to prod him and you’ll get a headline.

“But he just calls it as he sees it. In many respects it’s very similar to how Niki Lauda was, they come from the same generation and have the same makeup.

The Red Bull team principal added: “At 80 years of age he’s still looking for purple sectors.”

Horner further revealed Marko’s relentless pursuit of young racing talents remains unabated, as he tirelessly searches for the next prodigy.

Horner explained: “he’s still watching every Formula 3 session, every F2 session, every split time and following the young talent religiously.

“I’ve always had a very straightforward and good relationship with him.”