Peter Windsor: Red Bull’s Rivals Should Feel ‘SHAME’ for Their Struggles

Former Formula 1 team manager Peter Windsor has expressed strong criticism of Red Bull’s competitors, suggesting that they should feel a sense of disappointment in their ongoing struggle to keep pace with the dominant championship leaders.

Red Bull have demonstrated their dominance by remaining undefeated with only eight races left in the season.

The Milton Keynes-based team has now clinched victory in the last 15 consecutive races.

The likes of Mercedes, Ferrari, and Aston Martin find themselves vying for second place in the constructors’ standings, as Red Bull continues to assert its dominance in the championship.

In a recent live stream on YouTube, Windsor expressed his thoughts, stating: “The way the regulations have been drawn up, the way nine of the 10 teams have approached it…

“We’re now [in] 2023, they’ve had three years of working with this thing and they still can’t get the cars to work properly.

“If it wasn’t for Red Bull you’d have to be saying: ‘There’s something wrong here. All these incredible Formula 1 teams with their sophisticated technology cannot get this thing to work on a consistent basis.’

Windsor asserts Red Bull’s success highlights that their approach is effective, suggesting that other Formula 1 teams may have made mistakes in their hiring and design strategies, particularly in the areas of analysis and car design.

“But Red Bull are showing that it is possible and therefore all the other teams have got the wrong approach – either the wrong approach to hiring the people they’re using to do the analysis and to design the cars,” Windsor remarked.

He continued: “Or they’re unable to put what could well be a very good aerodynamic package into practical use because there are so many new variables that have arisen because of the budget gap, because of the limitations on CFD design.

He further believes Red Bull’s consistent success in Formula 1, despite constraints, challenges, and no apparent advantages implies other teams should feel inadequate in their performance and approach.

“Given all those constraints, Red Bull have shown that it is possible still to do a great racing car consistently from one race to another, so as long as Red Bull are showing that everybody else needs to hang their head in shame basically, I think,” he stated.

“Because you can’t say Red Bull have got better facilities or more money or a better engines or better tyres – all of which are things you could have said in all the other areas when a team has dominated in the way that Red Bull are now.”