Lando Norris Gets a Reality Check from Jenson Button: Red Bull Move No Guarantee of F1 Championship

Jenson Button cautions Norris against joining Red Bull, emphasizing that securing an F1 championship may not be as straightforward as it seems, despite Norris being considered a future champion.

While Red Bull has shown interest in Norris, Button suggests that the allure of the top-performing car might come with its own set of challenges and uncertainties.

“The issue is, you have to beat the best to be a world champion,” Button told Sky.

“That was the thing for me when I left Brawn, I had to go to McLaren because I needed to race against Lewis Hamilton who was regarded as the best.

“That’s what he’s got to decide.

“If he’s clever he’ll decide on a car that suits his style.

“We’ve seen that the Red Bull doesn’t suit a lot of drivers, apart from Max.

It’s not an easy decision for him.

“He’s not in a car that can win right now, and it probably won’t next year either, I don’t think.

“He’s got to look elsewhere for 2025 or he puts his trust in McLaren.

“They’ve won races, they’ve won championships, it can come back around.

“As long as he can see the future, see that they’re in a good place as a team, and it gives him confidence, stay there! 

“If not, go and fight Max Verstappen in his own team – but that’s a hard one.”

While Verstappen’s success shines brightly, Red Bull has seen several talented drivers come and go, unable to match his pace and prowess. This underscores the formidable challenge Verstappen presents to his teammates and rivals alike.

Sergio Perez, currently under intense scrutiny, has a contract that extends through the next year. However, the prospect of his seat becoming available in 2025 looms on the horizon, creating a coveted opportunity in the competitive world of Formula 1.