Monza Needs to Enhance Fan Experience for Future F1 Contract, Says Domenicali

Monza must improve its offerings to fans if it wants to secure a new Formula 1 race agreement beyond 2025, according to the sport’s CEO.

Angelo Sticchi Damiani, the head of Italian motorsport, acknowledged earlier this week that he’s eager to enter into discussions with Liberty Media.

Stefano Domenicali, who oversees F1 for Liberty Media, confirmed plans to meet with Sticchi Damiani during this weekend’s Italian Grand Prix.

“There will also be government figures who have made a commitment and confirmed to me by telephone in recent days that work on the racetrack will begin as soon as this weekend ends,” Domenicali told Sky Italia.

According to Domenicali, upgrades to the circuit are essential for renewing the contract.

“As we have always said,” he elaborated, “there is a need to give a signal of renewal for a structure that has a history, but it needs to give substance to the expectations that all the people and fans who come here have.

“There must be great attention to offering a service that must be adequate for the price that the fans pay,” he continued.

“We must give a concrete answer to those who want to have fun and feel good as they find services around the world that are getting better and better in light of a push of competition among promoters to see who does the best work.”

On another note, Domenicali mentioned he is willing to negotiate with F1 teams about possibly adjusting the budget cap to allow Red Bull’s competitors a chance to close the gap.

“We have to evaluate everything,” he stated.

“This issue hasn’t been discussed lately but I would like to see a F1 capable of reacting, in a context of limited resources, with the ability of engineers to be faster in development-related activities.”