Mercedes to Exclude Hamilton from Strategy Talks

According to Martin Brundle, Lewis Hamilton is poised for a significant transition this year as Mercedes adopts a stance of withholding information from their departing driver.

Hamilton is set to embark on his final season with Mercedes, the team with which he has clinched an impressive six out of his record-equalling seven Formula 1 championships, before making a move to Ferrari in 2025.

Brundle cautioned that Toto Wolff’s team will gradually limit the flow of information to Hamilton as his tenure at Mercedes draws to a close, signaling a shift in their dynamic.

The expert from Sky Sports stated; “You’ve got this transition point where Lewis will stop being invited to meetings.

“He won’t understand what’s going on with the development of the car and in the simulator.

“The team consciously, subconsciously, will favor George.

“They have got to.”

Mercedes team principal Wolff has emphasized his lack of concern regarding Hamilton’s ‘integrity’ about potentially carrying confidential information to Ferrari in the upcoming season.

When questioned about the type of information Hamilton might transfer to Italy, Brundle elucidated: “Processes, philosophies, how the car works, what he likes, how he likes to sit, what he needs from a car to maximize his talent.

“He’s got to integrate. That’s hard. He won’t speak the language or know the team like Charles Leclerc does.

“You need to find out where all the buttons are to press.

“That’s why Lewis, I think, will want to try to take a few people with him.

“But there will be non-compete clauses so he can’t do that.

“You want to take some of your own gang with you when you go. So you can hit the ground running.”

Brundle further commented regarding Hamilton: “I have no doubt that he will give it everything he’s got until the last lap of the last race.

“If everybody is smart – and I think they are – they will see it as a farewell tour.

“They’ll wish him farewell then hope he loses in a  Ferrari!”

Simon Lazenby was questioned about the potential discomfort of Hamilton completing a full year at Mercedes while everyone is aware of his impending move to Ferrari.

Lazenby said; “The thing with Lewis, it’s an exceptional case, It’s Lewis!

“He brought everything to Mercedes. They kind of do owe him.

“I think they owe him everything. They probably owe him the respect to treat him like the great champion that he is, for the time that he’s at Mercedes.

“I don’t think it will be emotional. He’ll get through the season.

“He’ll know early on if he’s got a car capable of competing for the championship.

“If he does? They’ll have to rally around whoever is the best driver.”

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  1. this isn’t club racing anymore. it is big business. mercedes is obligated to it’s stake holders to snap up every possible point. they won’t keep anything from hamilton that will hamper his performance & their bottom line.

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