George Russell Discloses Some Drivers Drink During Race Weekends

Mercedes driver George Russell has disclosed that certain Formula 1 drivers consume alcohol during a race weekend.

Despite Formula 1 being renowned as one of the most physically demanding sports, where athletes typically adhere to stringent dietary routines.

The 26-year-old shared this in the latest instalment of the popular Netflix series ‘Drive To Survive’ that he is aware of some drivers who indulge in drinking during a race weekend.

The exchange commenced with Norris suggesting, “Let’s go out tonight,” and Russell inquiring, “Out out?”

In response, Norris quipped, “Joking, I would never do such a thing.”

Russell then unveiled, “It was in my Williams contract. You weren’t allowed to drink during the weekend. I’m not going to say names, but there’s definitely some people who drink.”

As Norris sought clarification with, “You think?”, Russell asserted, “I know. I’ve seen it.”

Somewhat taken aback by the revelation, Norris inquired, “During a normal race weekend?”

Russell confirmed, “Yeah! They’re paying me off not to tell.”

George Russell’s revelation brings to light a rarely mentioned facet of Formula 1. Despite the sport’s demanding physical nature and strict dietary rules, the acknowledgement of drivers consuming alcohol during race weekends reveals an unexpected side to the sport.

The credibility of Russell’s assertion, coming from the President of the Grand Prix Drivers Association, remains speculative.

Furthermore, the anticipation builds as Formula 1 gears up for a return next weekend with the Bahrain Grand Prix, starting on March 2nd.

Notably, both the Bahrain GP and the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix will break tradition by taking place on Saturday instead of the conventional Sunday.