Lewis Hamilton Presents A Theory Explaining Verstappen’s Behavior Around Him.

According to a GPFans report, Lewis Hamilton has said that Max Verstappen, behaves in a different way around him on the track as a result of his successes with Mercedes in Formula 1.

The Englishman has won seven world titles overall, including six with the Brackley-based team. In 2021, he faced up against Max Verstappen for the championship.

Hamilton was powerless to turn things around in 2022 as the W13’s shortcomings saw Mercedes fall further to third place on the constructors’ standings after a scandalous year’s finish.

Verstappen tried to overtake Hamilton at the Brazilian Grand Prix when the two had to clash again on the track, but a collision pushed both drivers further down in the standings. The Mercedes driver afterward stated that his rival had been targeting him.

“I feel like it is self-explanatory,” Hamilton responded when asked by Channel 4 why he felt that way.

He added: “You have to listen to the words that certain individuals say about me, competitor-wise, and also look back at the way those individuals behave on track around me. It kind of shows you it is most often a little bit different to others.”

“I can’t explain exactly why but part of it is for sure to do with the time I have had here, the experience I have had here, the success I have had here.”

Hamilton continued, explaining how a reversal in roles validates his theory: “I know because when I got to the sport, that target was someone else who had had the success and my goal was to challenge them.”

“You almost wanted to show how tough you were, how good you were compared to that person, etcetera.”