Toto Wolff Discloses That Mercedes Revised Their Car Concept Mid-Season.

According to a RacingNews365 report, Toto Wolff disclosed that Mercedes changed its Formula 1 car concept during the 2022 season, but the modifications were not visible outwardly as the bodywork remained the same.

Mercedes started the 2022 season having won the Constructors’ Championship for the previous eight years. In 2017, they were the first team in F1 history to continue their winning streak despite regulatory changes.

The team, however, began to stumble with the new 2022 ground-effect machinery when a major floor issue went unnoticed until late in the season.

The team maintained their “zero sidepod” design concept on the outside, whereas Williams and other teams did away with it in favor of something similar to Red Bull’s design concept. In spite of this, Wolff has disclosed that Mercedes revised the car concept for the 2022 season.

As Mercedes looks to reclaim the championship it lost to Red Bull in 2022, Wolff has already claimed that the W14 of 2023 is going to have a distinct “DNA” from its forerunner. He theorized that the car would compete with the Milton Keynes-based team’s RB19 for the upcoming season and maintain the “zero sidepod” concept.

He told the media in Abu Dhabi that: “I go in the wind tunnel, and I say: ‘That thing looks exactly like this year’s car’,”

“But they say to me: ‘It’s very different underneath’. It is about the airflow, the weight distribution, the aero map.

“Our car fundamentally changed mid-year – we changed the concept but you couldn’t see anything on the bodywork.

“I think the narrow sidepod concept is like a red herring. It’s full of surprises the last time I saw it in the wind-tunnel, but they told me it is not the same.”