Johnny Herbert believes Verstappen will be more successful than Hamilton in Formula 1.

Johnny Herbert, a former Formula 1 race winner, holds the belief that Max Verstappen will surpass the achievements of Lewis Hamilton in the Formula 1.

Verstappen is presently on track to win his third consecutive Drivers’ Championship, with a record 110-point lead over Red Bull teammate Sergio Perez after only 11 races this season.

While the past two seasons have witnessed numerous records being shattered, Hamilton’s impressive records of 103 race wins and 104 pole positions remain distant targets.

Having clinched three triumphs in the 1990s, Herbert is unwavering in his belief in Verstappen’s immense potential to exceed Hamilton’s records, just as Hamilton himself surpassed the illustrious accomplishments of Michael Schumacher in Formula 1.

“Verstappen is a once-in-a-generational talent,” Herbert told King Casino Bonus.

“There is always one individual who comes along who is better than the last – notwithstanding the technological advances.

“Max will be better than Lewis, Lewis was better than Michael Schumacher, and Schumacher was better than Senna. It just evolves.

“Max has grown up so much as a driver. He just doesn’t fly away into the distance. He will judge it and do just what he needs to do.

“That is the change from the Max of old. Because of that I do not see anyone yet getting themselves on to the same level as Red Bull.

“A bad day for Max was second. A bad day for him now is first!”