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No place for Mick Schumacher at Red Bull, Says Tost

Alpha Tauri team boss, Franz Tost, believes that Mick Schumacher still has a future in Formula 1, but there is currently no room for him within the Red Bull family.

Tost actively advocated for signing Schumacher after he was released by Haas but was overruled by Red Bull’s decision to hire Nyck de Vries for the 2023 season due to a lack of available options at that time.

“I stood up for Mick,” Tost expressed in an interview with sport.de. “He had Formula 1 experience and was still young. That was not the case with Nyck (de Vries).”

However, after de Vries’s short stint with the team, Red Bull brought Daniel Ricciardo back into racing action instead of considering Schumacher.

Tost acknowledges that the Red Bull team already has a lineup of young drivers from their driver pool and is currently occupied with them.

“We have a few young drivers coming on – some talents from the Red Bull driver pool. We will definitely fall back on them,” Tost stated.

Despite the current situation, Tost, with historical ties to the Schumacher family, affirms that he has not given up on Mick Schumacher’s F1 prospects.

However, he believes Schumacher is in good hands with Mercedes and team principal Toto Wolff, who possesses extensive connections within the sport.

“He (Wolff) is super well connected,” Tost acknowledged. “I think he’ll do everything to ensure that Mick gets a seat sooner or later. It doesn’t matter which team, if the opportunity arises, he has to take it. He won’t have the opportunity to choose for long.”