Horner: Taylor Swift will be ‘lucky’ if allowed to perform at an F1 event.

In recent years, Formula 1 has witnessed a remarkable surge in its popularity, thanks in part to the resounding success of Netflix’s captivating series, Drive to Survive. This groundbreaking show has ushered in a fresh and enthusiastic fan base for the sport, redefining its appeal.

During a candid discussion, Horner shared his perspective on the sport’s evolving dynamics. He boldly asserted that the era of relying on celebrities to draw fans to Formula 1 is now a thing of the past, asserting that the sport has matured beyond such dependencies.

F1 enthusiasts were polarized following statements from Red Bull’s team leader, Christian Horner. He expressed scepticism about the possibility of American songstress Taylor Swift securing an opportunity to grace an F1 weekend with her performance.

In a notable instance, the global sensation Taylor Swift took the stage at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, enthralling the audience with a mesmerizing performance of 14 captivating songs during an F1 weekend.

Christian Horner, appearing on ESPN’s Unlapped show remarked: “If you remember Austin a few years ago, we had to get Taylor Swift to get a crowd there. Now she’s lucky if she’s allowed in. It’s changed so much. Las Vegas will just take it to another level.”

Her presence, it seemed, had the power to attract even those who had previously shown no interest in motorsport, as they flocked to witness her magnetic showmanship.

However, Horner now contends that the tide has shifted within the sport’s landscape. He implied that even a superstar of Taylor Swift’s stature would be considered fortunate to grace the F1 paddock in contemporary times. This assertion underscores a significant transformation in the way Formula 1 engages and captivates its ever-evolving audience.

Horner’s remarks have stirred a division among fans, leaving both Taylor Swift’s enthusiasts and Formula 1 followers disheartened.

A tweet from one user expressed: “Christian Horner is the new Kanye.”

Another user chimed in, contributing to the ongoing conversation: “I don’t think Christian understands the pull Taylor Swift has right now… Having said that, I get his point that F1 has really grown in the US lately.”