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Allard Kalff: Piastri’s Hunger Sets Him Apart from McLaren Teammate

Dutch motorsports expert, Allard Kalff, has confidently voiced his belief in Oscar Piastri’s unwavering hunger to ascend to the coveted position of world champion—a passion seemingly absent in his McLaren teammate, Lando Norris.

The young F1 debutant has consistently proven his prowess throughout the ongoing season. His true capabilities were shown after McLaren’s significant upgrades.

Notably, Piastri stands alone among the rookies as the sole achiever of valuable points at the midpoint of the competition.

Piastri’s masterful performance secured him a commendable second-place finish in the exhilarating sprint race held in Belgium. Accomplishing this feat, he ended the race hot on the heels of the dominant Red Bull’s championship leader, Max Verstappen.

Allard Kalff made a noteworthy comment about the Piastri-Webber team, according to a report from Motorsport.com he said: “They are tough in the negotiations. They have left Alpine, because they wanted to go to McLaren.

“That contract [with Alpine] not arranged properly? We are leaving. I have a lot of confidence in Mark Webber.”

“He manages Piastri. Webber himself has made the wrong choices in his career, I am confident that he is now making the right choices.”

Kalff went on to emphasize the remarkable similarities between Piastri and the accomplished two-time world champion, particularly their shared tenacity and unyielding drive to excel in the fiercely competitive world of motorsport.

“They are the same type, they have to fight for them. He [Piastri] had to become champion every time to continue,” Kalff remarked.

Furthermore, the Dutchman alluded to the notion that Norris, who shares the team with Piastri at McLaren, may have faced a less challenging path, potentially influencing his on-track performance as a result.

He added: “Norris has a good social background, he had an easy childhood. He comes from a very wealthy family.

“There is nothing wrong with that, but that may mean that you are not interested in the last tenth [of a second].”