Formula E Chief Criticizes F1’s Predictability: Only 2 Winners in 10 Races!

Amidst the dominance of Red Bull this season, Max Verstappen has emerged as the frontrunner, securing an impressive eight victories out of the ten grand prix races so far. Meanwhile, his teammate Sergio Perez clinched the remaining two wins.

In stark contrast, Formula E has witnessed a much more unpredictable landscape, with seven different winners emerging in 14 races. The title fight in Formula E promises an exciting finale, as the competition heats up heading into the last two races of the year in London.

Jeff Dodds, who recently joined Formula E, openly acknowledged the current predictability of Formula 1. However, he expressed his continued enjoyment of the series, highlighting the fact that there are still aspects of the sport that captivate his interest.

“I don’t think people are particularly excited about watching processional racing, or going into a race knowing who will win, unless the car has a problem,” Dodds told

“I enjoy watching Formula 1, but I don’t like processional races, which is why I like bike racing as well,” he added.

“I actually think there are some similarities with what you see here with bike racing, if you think about the number of overtakes you see and the strategic nature of the racing.

“It’s very different from Formula 1, where we would be fairly confident at the moment in saying that Red Bull would win and these cars would be in the top three.

“An incredible advantage about this series is that none of the teams know who will win.”