FIA’s Bold Move: F1 Postpones Tyre Blanket Ban Until 2025

F1’s much-debated plan to enforce a tyre blanket ban has been officially pushed back to the year 2025.

The primary aim behind this move was to align with sustainability goals and bring down the electricity consumption during race weekends.

Over the last two seasons, extensive testing has been conducted, focusing on the feasibility of the ban. However, numerous drivers have raised red flags due to the safety hazards posed by driving on cold tyres.

Following the recent F1 Commission meeting at the Belgian Grand Prix, the FIA has definitively announced that the ban will not take effect in the upcoming season. The decision comes as part of the sport’s broader commitment to environmental and cost-saving objectives.

Nevertheless, the discussions and further testing related to the tyre blanket ban will continue throughout 2025.

A statement read: “Consistent with the future environmental and cost-saving objectives of the sport, an option to remove the use of tyre blankets has been under consideration and the 2023 Pirelli tyre testing campaign has focused almost entirely on this objective, with expanded test days dedicated to no-blankets testing.

“Pirelli reported on the outcome of this test campaign to the F1 Commission. The results of the testing undertaken so far show that the change can be implemented to the requested target specifications for 2024, however, it has been decided to postpone the introduction of a tyre blanket ban for dry tyres in 2024 and to continue this discussion and further testing into 2025.

“Further analysis will continue for other potential future changes to the regulations that can improve the environmental sustainability of the sport.”