Verstappen’s Heated Clash With Race Engineer in Belgian GP Qualifying.

Tensions flared as Max Verstappen and Gianpiero Lambiase exchanged heated words following a nail-biting moment where the Red Bull star narrowly secured a spot in Q3 for the upcoming Belgian Grand Prix.

Despite finishing in tenth, the Dutch driver successfully qualified for Q3. However, his frustration got the better of him, evident in his candid expression over the team radio: “I should have just f***ing pushed two laps in a row, like I said.”

In response, Lambiase, Verstappen’s trusted race engineer, offered thoughts: “But you are through, Max?, to which Verstappen then fired back with an expletive-ridden rant: “Yeah mate but I don’t give a f* if I’m through in P10. It’s s* execution.”

“Okay then when the track was two seconds quicker for your final lap, you didn’t have any energy left,” Lambiase added. “How would that have come down? Tell me what you want to do for Q3 and we’ll do it.”

Amidst the brief tension between Max Verstappen and his race engineer, the Dutchman showcased his brilliance by setting the fastest lap in Q3, surpassing Charles Leclerc, as well as Sergio Perez.

However, due to a 5-place penalty for reaching the maximum allowable gearbox changes, Verstappen will begin Sunday’s race from the sixth position on the grid.

Nonetheless, it remains an encouraging starting point for Max Verstappen. With his flawless driving skills and the unmatched speed of the RB19 this season, a victory in Belgium could be well within reach.

Teammate Sergio Perez will be determined to take the lead from Charles Leclerc, following his recent subpar performance in qualifying. This presents a golden opportunity for the Mexican driver to make a bold statement and showcase his true potential.