Brad Pitt to Appear at Monza Despite Film Disruption

Brad Pitt is set to be in the Formula 1 paddock and on the grid this weekend in Monza, even as the upcoming F1 film’s shooting faces a temporary standstill due to a Hollywood labour strike.

While the movie’s initial scenes were captured at Silverstone, the project is currently on hold owing to industry-wide strikes. However, Lewis Hamilton, whose production company plays a role in the Apple-supported venture, remains optimistic.

“I know that Apple is fully behind us and wants us to go ahead,” said the seven-time world champion. “Everyone in the team is fully focused on making the greatest movie we can – it’s just a matter of time.

“It’s definitely not the easiest time, I think, for actors around the world, but hopefully it’s something that will be resolved in the not-too-distant future.”

During the kickoff event for the Italian Grand Prix, Monza chief Giuseppe Redaelli confirmed that Brad Pitt would indeed be in attendance this weekend, along with other professionals involved in the film’s production.

When journalists asked Redaelli about the strike, he responded with a grin: “It doesn’t mean you can’t meet Brad Pitt.”

Notably, the strike has not completely shut down all activities around the film. Hamilton clarified that some elements of production are still ongoing.

“We’re still able to do some filming,” Hamilton confirmed. “We can use stunt doubles and we still have editing and things we can do with the stuff we’ve already done.

“I’m not massively concerned (about the strike) just yet,” he added.