Alonso admits peculiar F1 superstitions

Fernando Alonso has opened up about his continued engagement in certain superstitions before Formula 1 races.

As the most experienced driver in F1 history, at almost 42 years old, with a remarkable 369 race entries and counting, the Spanish two-time champion still holds on to some superstitions, although he admits they have lessened over time.

“In the past, we used to be able to modify the fireproof underwear we wear under the overalls, even the pants,” Alonso shared with El Mundo Deportivo newspaper.

“However, due to regulations, we can’t do that anymore. Nevertheless, I still try to avoid certain people who I think will bring me bad luck.”

Interestingly, Alonso avoids shaking hands with anyone on the grid. “When people see me on the grid and want to shake my hand, I try to avoid it,” he said.

“If I shake hands, then I try to find my trainer as a way to cleanse that hand of bad luck. That sort of thing,” the Spaniard explained.

He also disclosed that he tries to steer clear of specific individuals because they have been associated with his past unfortunate moments.

“I’m always trying to avoid the same people because they’re still here, 20 years later,” he said. “So, you know, I have to be very careful. It’s a very stressful Sunday morning for me,” he humorously concluded.