Environmental stand may impact Vettel return – Marko

Sebastian Vettel’s potential return to Formula 1 in a role with Red Bull could be hindered by his strong environmental stance, according to Dr. Helmut Marko, his former boss at Red Bull. Speculations have been circulating about Vettel coming out of retirement and taking on a position either at Red Bull or in a sustainability portfolio within F1.

“I don’t know if Sebastian will return,” remarked the 80-year-old Marko during the Hungarian event, as cited by Speed Week. “He has to find himself first. And he also has to admit that there will always be combustion engines in Formula 1.”

Vettel has been vocal about his concerns regarding carbon emissions in F1, stating that the sport faces the risk of extinction if such issues are not addressed. On this matter, Marko holds a different perspective, stating, “Trees grow in the forest, which is a good thing. That’s where I differ from him, because I enjoy practicing forest management in my forest.”

Amid discussions about Vettel, Marko was also asked about Red Bull’s outstanding performance and record-breaking dominance in the current season. He attributes the team’s success partly to the weaknesses of their rivals, Ferrari and Mercedes.

“Ferrari and Mercedes have not lived up to expectations,” Marko observed. “Going from 2022 to 2023, they initially did more regression than progression. And because there was no consistency with the competition, we have such a big lead in the championship.”