A Trio of F1 Teams are suspected of violating cost cap regulations.

A recent report raises doubts about every team meeting the F1 cost cap for 2022. Introduced in 2021, this is the first year the FIA assesses compliance across the 10 teams.

Red Bull faced penalties for a minor overspend, while Aston Martin and Williams were penalized for procedural breaches.

According to a report by the Italian branch of Motorsport.com, once the FIA issues certificates of compliance with the 2022 cap, expected to arrive by the end of July, rumours indicate that a trio of teams will be found not to be in compliance.

Speculation suggests that three teams may not comply with the 2022 cap. Last year’s cost cap disputes resolved in October, and F1 seeks a swifter resolution this time.

The handling of potential 2022 breaches and Red Bull’s on-track dominance could impact the cost cap’s future.

Despite penalties, Red Bull’s performance remains unaffected, winning all 10 grands prix in 2023. Further breaches could prompt the FIA to take stricter measures. Teams may consider the breach’s benefits in light of Red Bull’s success.

The FIA’s Financial Regulations govern F1’s cost cap and define the consequences for any violation. These regulations outline the penalties that can be imposed in the event of a breach.

Speaking exclusively to Motorsport.com, Domenicali said: “I would like the penalty to be sporting in case of infringement, it is something we asked for very clearly.

“There are three regulations to be respected: sporting, technical and financial. Any infractions must be punished with sporting measures. You can’t go in other directions.”