Damon Hill Tips Hamilton and Alonso to Break Red Bull’s Streak.

Damon Hill believes that Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton are the two drivers capable of preventing Red Bull’s dominance in winning every race in 2023.

Following their impressive performance of winning 10 out of the 11 remaining rounds in 2022, Red Bull has continued to establish their competitive edge by triumphing in all 10 races held this season.

With Max Verstappen securing his sixth consecutive victory, Red Bull has now equalled the historic record for the most consecutive wins (11) in the history of Formula 1.

As reported by The Independent, Damon Hill remarked: “Winning every race in a season is something that nobody has ever achieved,”.

“They [Red Bull] will keep saying no to it, but they would love to do it. My experience says that there are two drivers who are going to avoid it: Fernando or Lewis will win again.

Nevertheless, Hill concedes that Verstappen has the potential to claim victory in every remaining race on his own if either of his chosen competitors fails to halt Red Bull’s relentless dominance.

Since the Azerbaijan Grand Prix in late April, Verstappen has remained unbeaten, securing victory after victory without being overtaken by any other driver.

Sergio Perez, recently revealed he has conceded the championship battle to Max Verstappen as he shifts his focus on securing the second spot in the championship standings by the end of the year.

“If they don’t win, Max could take, frankly, all the victories that remain,” Hill conceded.

“It would be an incredible achievement for him and Red Bull and it would also add a lot of tension to the last few races of the season.”