We have made some progress and are now slightly closer to them, says Hamilton.

Lewis Hamilton praised the strides made by Mercedes in their development efforts as he led the team to a fantastic double-podium achievement at the Spanish Grand Prix.

Acknowledging the progress, Hamilton expressed his belief that Mercedes’ updates have effectively closed the gap to the dominant Formula 1 leaders, Red Bull.

Starting from fourth on the grid, the seven-time World Champion showcased his skills by securing the runner-up position behind Max Verstappen at the Circuit de Catalunya.

During the race, Hamilton skillfully overtook Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz, securing his second podium finish of the season, closely followed by teammate George Russell in third place.

Notably, both Mercedes drivers successfully defended their positions against the recovering Red Bull of Sergio Perez, crossing the finish line well ahead of the Ferraris and Aston Martins. This exceptional performance at the Spanish GP marked one of the team’s standout races of the season.

“What a result for our team, we definitely didn’t expect to have the result we have today, so I just really want to take my hat off to my team,” Hamilton told media after the race.

“A big, big thank you to everyone back at the factory for continuing to push and bringing us a little bit closer to the Bulls.

“They’re still a bit ahead, but we will keep chasing them down, but this is an amazing result. George did a great job today as well.”

Hamilton responded realistically when asked if he thought Red Bull would be captured in 2023.

“I think they’re still a little bit too quick at the moment, but we’re working at it,” added Hamilton.

“Just one step at a time, and if we can get close by the end of the year, that’d be awesome. But, if not, then next year.”