Vettel is doubtful he will be remembered after he retires.

Sebastian Vettel, after the 2022 campaign will leave Formula One ending a 15-year career.
In 15 years in the sport, Sebastian Vettel will retire as one of the most decorated Formula One drivers.

The German has four world titles to his name, along with 53 race wins, 122 podiums and 57 pole positions.

The 35-year-old opted to retire after years of racing behind the race leaders. He suggested that his decision would not have changed even if he had been in a more competitive position at the time.

“I don’t know. Would I be retiring if I had been very competitive over the last three or four years: winning races, fighting for championships – maybe winning another one?” Vettel pondered.

We have made some progress and are now slightly closer to them, says Hamilton.

“I might have come to the same decision. Equally, I might not have. It’s impossible to say, but it has crossed my mind.

“Finishing 10th doesn’t give me a buzz because I know how it feels to finish first. If you’ve never finished first, the first time you finish 10th you get a real buzz. But I’m happy that I don’t get a buzz from finishing 10th.”

One of the most recognizable legacies in Formula One history is left behind by Vettel, who will compete in his farewell race next month in Abu Dhabi.

The Aston Martin driver is however skeptical he will be remembered in history.

“I once heard someone say, ‘You will only be remembered until the last person who remembers you dies’,” he said.

“Let me put it this way: the UK has a new king, but he’s not the first King Charles – there were two more before him. Do you remember them? Probably not.

“There’s a limit. There will probably come a point when no one will remember me. Nothing lasts forever.”