Verstappen Calls for Red Bull Probe Following British GP Concern.

Max Verstappen emphasizes the crucial need for Red Bull to scrutinize its starts following a regrettable loss of position to Lando Norris’ McLaren at the initial bend of the British Grand Prix.

As the reigning leader of the F1 championship, Verstappen found himself compelled to fend off the relentless advances of Oscar Piastri, who held the third spot, driving a McLaren.

This arduous task was a result of Verstappen’s struggle to match the pace right from the starting line.

However, displaying remarkable resilience, Verstappen swiftly recuperated from this setback and skillfully regained the lead on the fifth lap, executing a seamless manoeuvre at Brooklands.

With unwavering determination, he clinched his sixth consecutive victory, solidifying his dominance in the sport.

“We had a terrible start so we need to look into why that was,” said the Dutch driver reflecting on his race.

“But even after that, both McLarens were super quick so it took a few laps to pass [Norris].

“Then at one [point I could ease the gap and I think everything looked alright again.

“But after the Safety Car, on the softest compound around here was a little bit more tricky for us to keep them alive, basically.

“So the gap stayed around three-to-three-and-a-half seconds. Of course, very happy that we won again.

“Eleven wins in a row for the team, that’s pretty incredible, but it wasn’t straightforward.”

Despite the 25-year-old barely putting a foot wrong, he addressed his poor start to the race saying: “I was doing a bit of drifting on Thursday with marketing and it felt like I was also doing that at the start, which wasn’t very good – it was very bad.

“We will look into that because I think the last few starts were a lot better but this wasn’t that great.

“It made it a bit more exciting, to push for it. Lando didn’t really put up a fight, he was really nice to me, but then he actually came back again with the DRS, so he had a lot of pace.”