Hamilton Reflects on Epic Collision with Verstappen.

Lewis Hamilton reflects on the momentous collision with Max Verstappen during the 2021 F1 British Grand Prix, a chapter etched in their intense rivalry.

Two years prior, their paths collided on the very first lap at Silverstone. Verstappen’s hopes spiralled out of control as he was forced out of the race, while Hamilton emerged victorious.

Little did they know that this clash would set the stage for their rivalry to reach its boiling point months later in Abu Dhabi, where Verstappen controversially secured his maiden F1 title, igniting a fierce battle for supremacy.

“In the past people underestimated what a good job Red Bull have done with their car.

“I lost on the start, with wheel spin, to Max in the sprint race and couldn’t get close enough. I knew, the next day I had to be ahead, I had to get ahead somehow!

“I had a better start but he still held on, on the outside through Turn 1. We were dicing through 3, 4, 5…You think you will go a bit wide. I came back, got the exit of 7.

“We collided. That’s what happens in racing sometimes. That’s what motorsport entails sometimes. I had a 10-second penalty – head down, focus, try to recover that. Which I did.

“I thought that was quite a feat. You’re not thinking about what happened earlier in the race. We won the grand prix after colliding, after losing the position the day before.”

It’s fair to say Hamilton and Verstappen’s animosity has quelled as the two two drivers barely battle each other at such an intense level.

Current reigning world champion, Max Verstappen recently revealed his genuine sentiments towards Lewis Hamilton.

With sincerity, Verstappen emphasizes that he holds a profound “respect” for Hamilton and has willingly let go of any past animosity.

“I have a lot of respect for Lewis. We are both racing drivers and you let the animosity go.”