Timo Glock Voices Concerns Over Mercedes’ Struggle with New F1 Aerodynamic Rules

Timo Glock expresses apprehension regarding the extended duration Mercedes is investing in comprehending Formula 1’s recently implemented aerodynamic regulations.

Following a significant overhaul of the regulations, Mercedes faced a challenging 2022 season. Unfortunately, the current campaign commenced with another difficult start for them. Their W14 contender continues to trail significantly behind Red Bull’s RB19.

The Silver Arrows has shown improvement as a result of a recent overhaul of their vehicle. However, even with substantial enhancements implemented, the gap between the Silver Arrows and the dominating frontrunners, Red Bull, remains substantial.

Resurfacing difficulties that haunted their performance in the 2022 season emerged once again during the most recent event, the Belgian Grand Prix.

According to former driver turned commentator, Mercedes seems to be grappling with a comprehensive understanding of Formula 1’s latest generation of cars.

In his column for Sky Sports, he wrote: “Mercedes seems to have the bouncing problem again.”

“The current difficulty for Toto Wolff’s team is to understand why the data coming from the wind tunnel does not correspond to that on the track in reality.

“Mercedes used to be by far the best there. No matter what updates they brought that the wind tunnel spit out for them, they worked.

“The Silver Arrows are currently struggling with the new generation of cars. It takes a lot of time to solve this. In Spa, however, it was a small step backwards.”