Horner: Red Bull’s 2025 F1 Seat Sparks Interest Beyond Perez and Ricciardo

Christian Horner, the team principal of Red Bull, has emphasized the significant attention surrounding the available Red Bull Formula 1 seat for the 2025 season.

Sergio Perez’s agreement with Red Bull is set to conclude at the culmination of the 2024 season, fueling speculations about his prospective tenure within the team.

Perez encountered a challenging series of races during the initial phase of the 2023 season. Coupled with Daniel Ricciardo’s recent comeback to the circuit with AlphaTauri and his expressed desire for a return to Red Bull, it is evident that Perez faces mounting pressure to secure his position on the team roster.

However, Perez and Ricciardo do not exclusively represent the sole choices that Red Bull is considering for the 2025 season, as per Horner’s insights.

Horner told Sky Sports News: “It’s just the position that we’re in it’s great to have a lot of interest, and it’s not just from those drivers [Perez and Ricciardo] – it’s from drivers outside our spectrum as well regarding 2025.”

Red Bull has emerged victorious in every one of the 12 races that have been conducted thus far in the year 2023. Max Verstappen, securing triumph in 10 of those races, has notably achieved a remarkable streak of eight consecutive wins.

While it holds true that Verstappen has consistently showcased superior performance compared to Perez over the course of their collaboration, Horner is keen to emphasize Perez’s enduring significance as a valuable asset within the team.

“Checo is hugely popular in the team. Let’s not forget what he did in 2021,” he said. “His contribution to our Constructors’ Championship last year.

“He is second in the world championship this year. He’s the only other driver to have won a race this year, in the two grands prix that he’s won.

“Obviously, our absolute primary objective is to get Checo firing on all cylinders on a Saturday [during qualifying, where Perez has struggled], which I’m sure he is going to do.