The FIA President Claims That Social Media Might “Destroy” F1.

The FIA president, Mohammed Ben Sulayem, believes that social media has the power to “destroy” Formula 1.

Those who have been part of the F1 community on social media lately can testify to the toxicity of the environment.

According to Ben Sulayem, recently, the community displayed its toxicity in the form of threats of assassination levelled against Silvia Bellot, an FIA steward.

In an open letter, Ben Sulayem said: “Indeed a number of FIA staff have also been targeted with harassment and hate posts over the past few years,”

“It has no place in our sport. It has a devastating effect on our mental health and that of our loved ones.

“And let me be clear – without these people there would be no racing. We have to ask ourselves, who would want to pursue becoming a top official in this environment? The reality is obvious – if this continues it will destroy our sport.”

Ben Sulayem is also contacting some platforms as he urges for a “collaborative approach” to address the “scourge” of social media.

He added: “We are (also) beginning work with governments and fellow sports governing bodies to bring them together to make strong commitments for joint action,”

Ben Sulayem also mentioned that research will be conducted, and that new AI software will be equipped to “detect and eradicate abusive content on our own channels.”