Stroll Counters Speculation of Tennis Career Move

Lance Stroll has firmly refuted rumours that he’s considering trading his racing helmet for a career on the tennis court.

The 24-year-old, who is the progeny of billionaire and Aston Martin owner Lawrence Stroll, has found himself in the shadows of his older team counterpart, Fernando Alonso, 42, for much of the current season.

During the recent season hiatus, swirling speculations began circulating. They hinted that while other racers like Nicholas Latifi and Nyck de Vries might be contemplating academia, Stroll could be contemplating a switch to tennis.

“Yeah, I heard about them,” Stroll acknowledged to Finnish publication Iltalehti, following the Dutch GP. This race saw him coming in at the 11th spot, missing out on points, while Alonso was hot on the heels of the frontrunner, Max Verstappen.

“I couldn’t help but shake my head. They make no sense,” he firmly stated.

Pinpointing the origin, Stroll believes that the rumor mill began with British Sky commentator David Croft.

“Look, I don’t know how he came up with that – maybe he had a few too many. But I’ll be there next year. I’m not ending my career,” he further commented.