Sainz Pinpoints Ferrari’s Red Bull Rivalry Tracks

Ferrari has already tasted success in the current Formula 1 season, clinching a remarkable 1-2 finish at the Australian Grand Prix.

Yet, the question remains: where else could the iconic Italian team showcase its competitiveness throughout the year? Carlos Sainz, Ferrari’s driver, has outlined a selection of circuits where he believes the team could pose a genuine challenge to Red Bull for victory.

This optimism stems from Ferrari’s recent triumph at the Australian Grand Prix, where Sainz stood atop the podium, followed closely by his teammate Charles Leclerc.

Despite Ferrari’s promising performance, their main competitor, Red Bull, has dominated the other three races this season, continuing their formidable form from the previous year, where they secured victories in nearly every race except one.

Red Bull, based in Milton Keynes, is currently the front-runner for the championship battle, propelled by the stellar performances of their driver, Max Verstappen, who has enjoyed a string of successes at the start of the new season.

Nevertheless, Sainz remains resolute in his belief that Ferrari can challenge Red Bull at several races throughout the season. In his own words, “I think we will still fight for wins in other tracks,” as he expressed to the media.

“We will maybe go to the Monzas or the Singapores, and Miami maybe, we’re still in the mix.”

Sainz’s triumph in Australia occurred amidst a crucial brake problem for Max Verstappen. Nonetheless, Ferrari remained optimistic about its prospects in Melbourne, relying on the strengths of the SF-24 challenger.

However, during the recent race at the Suzuka Circuit, the Italian team struggled to match Red Bull’s pace throughout the weekend. This prompted Sainz to urge his team to rally their efforts.

Acknowledging the superiority of Red Bull at certain circuits, Sainz conceded, “There are other tracks where the Red Bull just simply has a much better package.”

“Until we develop this car at these kind of tracks, they will be three-tenths to half a second ahead. So it’s time to put our heads down and try to bring a good package to help at these sorts of tracks.”