Sainz fuel leak ‘probably’ linked to Qatar kerbs

The introduced ‘pyramid’ kerbs in Qatar might have caused issues not just for the tyres over the last weekend in Qatar.

Following the qualifying session, Lewis Hamilton positively commented on the pyramid-esque kerbs at the updated Losail course, thinking they could tackle the track boundary concerns.

“They look quite big, but when you go beyond the highest point, you lose time,” said the Mercedes driver.

“I think we need to maybe take these kerbs to a bunch of other tracks.”

However, as the drivers converged back on the circuit come Saturday, word got around that Pirelli identified tiny abrasions from these new kerbs. This brought about last-minute modifications to track boundaries and an obligatory three-stop game plan.

Subsequently, Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz couldn’t make the beginning of the primary grand prix on Sunday, all due to a fuel tank seepage.

Queried if the pronounced tremors from the kerbs could be the culprit behind the malfunction, the Spaniard relayed to Corriere della Sera newspaper: “Perhaps.

“The leak became apparent only when we began fueling.”

Insiders suggest that a clearer reason for the issue might surface by Tuesday evening, after a thorough examination at Maranello.

Team chief Frederic Vasseur disclosed that apart from tyres and the fuel tank, “there was a need to replace the battery” at an earlier stage that weekend.

Regarding the fuel seepage, the Frenchman informed Sky Italia: “The kerbs are likely the cause, given how big the leak was.”