Sainz Assures Fans There’s ‘Plenty of Options’ After Ferrari

In Maranello, Italy, Carlos Sainz Jr. expressed confidence about his future in Formula 1, stating he has “plenty of opportunities” awaiting him as he exits Ferrari.

This change comes as Lewis Hamilton is set to join Ferrari from Mercedes, a switch that has significantly stirred the F1 scene. A seven-time champion, Hamilton will be teaming up with Charles Leclerc for the upcoming season.

Sainz noted that he has “plenty of options out there” for the 2025 season during Ferrari’s unveiling of its 2024 car on Tuesday. He mentioned that he had some prior knowledge of Hamilton taking over his spot at Ferrari, yet he found the news surprising nonetheless.

“I think it is going to be probably a longer process. I have, ahead of me, probably my most important three or four years of my career, you know, where I want to make sure that I am in the right place at the right time,”

Sainz stated, “I want to make sure I pick the right next destination for me. So I´m going to take my time to think about it, to have a look at all the options. Then I can just feel confident when I take the decision, I´ve given myself enough time and enough information.”

Sainz is approaching his last season out of four with Ferrari, marking a period where he achieved his inaugural F1 victory in Britain in 2022. Additionally, he stood out as the sole competitor outside of the Red Bull team to clinch a race last season, securing a win in Singapore.

Sainz said; “I have very, very, very good memories in this team. My first-ever lap in a Ferrari around Fiorano (test track) is one of the most emotional moments of my career.”