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Ferrari Unveils the Stunning SF-24

Entering its second year with Fred Vassuer at the helm, Ferrari is poised for improvement after a period marked by challenges in reliability and strategy decisions.

Upon his appointment as the team principal in January of the previous year, Vassuer initiated significant modifications within the Ferrari framework, leading to visible improvements as the season progressed, demonstrated by numerous podium finishes and pole positions.

The team clinched third place overall last season, narrowly trailing Mercedes by just three points.

Despite finishing third, Ferrari stood out as the sole team capable of challenging Red Bull’s dominance, showcasing their speed in single-lap qualifying but falling short in race pace compared to Red Bull.

This season, Ferrari is determined to narrow the gap with Red Bull while keeping ahead of competitors such as McLaren and Mercedes.

In anticipation of unveiling their latest Formula 1 car, Ferrari introduced a refreshed design for their driver suits and fireproof gear, offering a glimpse into the forthcoming car design.

The unveiling of the SF-24 was executed with elegance, featuring a video retrospective that celebrated the team’s illustrious heritage.

The car’s design sticks to Ferrari’s iconic bright red palette but introduces a fresh twist with white and yellow stripes, a nod to the enthusiastic reception of a special livery used in Las Vegas and a tribute to the WEC car’s victory at the Le Mans 24 Hours race.

On the technical front, Ferrari has chosen a push-rod configuration for the front suspension and a pull-rod system for the rear. Drivers Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz have shared their enthusiasm about the new vehicle, with Leclerc commenting on the positive experience during simulator tests:

 “I like the look of the car a lot, including the white and yellow parts on the bodywork. But of course, what really interests me is how it will perform on track, as that’s all that matters.


“The SF-24 ought to be less sensitive and easier to drive and for us drivers that’s what you need in order to do well. I expect the car to be a step forward in several areas and from the impression I formed in the simulator I think we’re where we want to be.

“This season the aim is to be front runners all the time and I want to give our fans plenty to cheer about, by dedicating race wins to them.”

Carlos Sainz shared Leclerc’s enthusiasm, expressing his astonishment with the SF-24:

“When I saw the SF-24 for the first time, I couldn’t wait to jump in and fire it up. Now, I’m looking forward to driving it on track to see if it correlates with the feeling I had from the simulator, which is that it’s the step forward we all want.

“The aim is to have a car that’s more driveable and therefore able to run at a consistent race pace, as these are the basic requirements to fight for wins.

“We drivers have done our very best to give the engineers precise feedback and I’m sure the workforce in Maranello will have listened to our needs. We want to give the fans something to cheer about, as they were so supportive last year, even when things weren’t going our way.”

The SF-24 is scheduled to hit the Bahrain circuit for pre-season trials next Thursday. The week after, Formula 1 will commence its 2024 season with the inaugural race.