Sainz and Leclerc Both See Future at Ferrari, Despite Speculations

Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc both suggest that they can see themselves continuing in Formula 1 with Ferrari for the foreseeable future.

Despite both being teammates at the legendary Maranello team, chatter has grown around potential moves post their 2024 contracts.

While Sainz’s father has commented on the perceived favouritism within the team, linking the Spaniard to a potential shift to Audi’s new venture, Sainz himself appears content. “I’m happy here and I’m in a good moment in my career,” he expressed to Eurosport Italia.

“This year I’m driving well and I feel that there is still potential to do better. My wish would be to continue here. Obviously we have to agree, but it would be a good news if we could renew the contract and move forward.”

On the other hand, Leclerc, despite showing signs of frustration due to performance deficits, is optimistic about Ferrari’s direction. “We understand now what needs to be improved for the design of our next car,” he mentioned during his time in Singapore.

Leclerc’s relationship with team leadership seems to have improved with Frederic Vasseur at the helm, after experiencing differences with former leader Mattia Binotto.

“The changes that Fred is making today will not be seen immediately next year,” Leclerc mentioned during an AFP interview. “That will be more in the long term, because the engineers take time to arrive.”

However, when pressed about Ferrari’s current situation and his commitment to the Scuderia, Leclerc remained unwavering. “I have always dreamed of being at Ferrari. I have always loved Ferrari – it has been my dream since I was little.

The situation is not the one I would have wanted to be in today, but that doesn’t make me forget that this is my dream team – and that my end goal is to be world champion with Ferrari.”

Despite speculations, Leclerc made his intentions clear. “I am very happy at Ferrari and my long-term goal is to be world champion with this team. I don’t necessarily have any doubts about the future at Ferrari and I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before we return to the front.”

Lastly, on being asked about potential talks with other teams for the 2025 season, Leclerc firmly stated, “No, no. Not at all.”