Timo Glock: “WEC Makes Sense” for Mick Schumacher

It would be “a shame” if the whispers suggesting Mick Schumacher’s potential exit from Formula 1 turn out to be true.

This sentiment is expressed by the 24-year-old’s current overseer, Mercedes boss Toto Wolff. He provided Schumacher with a lifeline in the form of a reserve seat after his departure from Haas the previous year.

Current chatter implies the German racer has acknowledged the absence of available spots for him in the 2024 roster and is considering a position with Renault and Alpine at Le Mans.

Schumacher’s agent, Sabine Kehm, chose not to respond when queried by DPA news agency.

“It would still be a shame if Formula 1 lost Mick,” Wolff shared with Sky Deutschland in Singapore.

Conversely, former F1 pilot Timo Glock opines that global endurance racing could serve as an appropriate alternative for the progeny of Michael Schumacher.

“It makes sense,” he remarked. “He should opt for a championship where the cars are quick and the tech parallels Formula 1.

“There’s also Indycar in the States, but then he’d part ways with his Formula 1 connections. One would need to shift their entire attention to the US.

“So I believe the WEC might be the eventual decision. But we’ll have to wait and see.”