Rosberg: Verstappen’s Joy In F1 Faded After 2021 Battle With Hamilton.

Rosberg’s perspective reveals that Verstappen’s confidence in his future in Formula 1 has been shaken as a result of the intense rivalry he experienced while vying for the title against Hamilton in the year 2021.

Despite being a young talent at only 25 years of age, Max Verstappen has recently suggested that he might consider departing from Formula 1 once his current contract with Red Bull expires in 2028. Surprisingly, he would be merely 31 years old by that time.

Verstappen has emphasized his ambition to engage in various forms of motorsport during his youth, wanting to leave a remarkable mark in the industry.

With an eye on the future, the two-time World Champion has revealed that he finds endurance racing to be the most captivating avenue for his potential endeavors.

Max Verstappen has expressed his lack of interest in continuing to race in Formula 1 until the typical age range of the late 30s or early 40s.

His rationale stems from the sport’s recent trajectory, specifically the relentless expansion of the calendar, leaving little room for downtime, as well as the growing emphasis on Sprint races and the diminishing significance of traditional qualifying.

According to Nico Rosberg, who also holds the prestigious title of World Champion, the demanding rivalry with Lewis Hamilton in the 2021 championship has significantly impacted Max Verstappen’s ability to find pleasure in his early years as a champion.

Rosberg suspects that this absence of enjoyment has persisted for Verstappen, even though he continues to showcase his remarkable prowess and dominance within the sport alongside Red Bull.

“The time you spend beyond the time you spend in the car,” Verstappen cited as a factor in a recent interview.

“You travel a lot, you have a lot of commitments throughout the year and you know where you have to be at all times, when as a driver what I like is to race.

“It’s what I did when I was little, what I’m passionate about, but you know that in F1 everything around it is part of the sport. It is the least positive [aspect]. Ideally, I would just drive. But it is not possible.”

Pressed on what his post-F1 career might entail, Verstappen said: “I want to do other things. Endurance. IndyCar, not so much. But I would like to try to win other things.”

“That talk from him [possibly retiring] started in the year when he battled Hamilton,” Rosberg told Sky F1.

“Where he said ‘I won’t go on for very long if every year is like that’. Those battles are so fierce and intense, it takes a lot of the fun away as well.”

At the same age that Max Verstappen is expected to reach at the end of 2028, Nico Rosberg made the bold choice to retire from Formula 1.

Remarkably, Rosberg announced his departure merely two days after clinching the 2016 world title, which came after an arduous year-long struggle to outpace his renowned teammate in a tense championship showdown held in Abu Dhabi.

“The sport will always be an intense environment, especially when you are fighting for championships every year,” he said.

“You are the guy who has it all to lose. Every expectation is you are going to win over and over, it’s quite demanding.

“I can’t put myself in his shoes. Money-wise he’s done, he has so much he won’t have to work again or worry again. Record-wise he’s already one of the best of all time by the end of this year.”