Rivals Take Turns Chasing Red Bull’s Shadow: Marko’s Assessment.

Austrian and Red Bull’s team advisor, Helmut Marko, has attributed Red Bull’s enhanced position in the Formula 1 championship to the shifting dynamics among their direct competitors.

The formidable performance displayed by Red Bull at the onset of the 2023 season has served as a stark wake-up call to their closest rivals. As Mercedes, Ferrari, and Aston Martin vie for the third spot on the podium, Red Bull continues to assert its dominance.

Although Aston Martin’s Fernando Alonso has frequently emerged as the primary contender against the reigning champions, the two-time World Champion is trailing Max Verstappen, the runaway leader, by a substantial margin of 70 points.

With the battle for second place in the Constructors’ Championship intensifying, the coveted title of being the ‘best of the rest’ is subject to constant change. Mercedes emerged as Red Bull’s strongest challenger at the Spanish Grand Prix, showcasing their extensively upgraded W14 car.

Red Bull’s Motorsport Advisor, Marko, firmly believes that the intense competition between Mercedes, Aston Martin, and Ferrari has only played into the hands of the championship leaders, fortifying their position even further.

The 80-year-old in an interview with OE24 remarked: “The updates of our competitors have only brought a shift [in their running order].”

“But without wanting to be arrogant: They didn’t really get closer to us, they just took turns [at being second-fastest]. And that’s good for us again, because our lead in the Championship is getting bigger with every race.”

Contrary to initial predictions of a potential two-horse race in the Drivers’ Championship, Max Verstappen has steadily repelled the early challenge posed by his teammate Sergio Perez.

Verstappen’s triumphant performance at the Spanish Grand Prix has catapulted him to a commanding 53-point lead over Perez in the Drivers’ Championship. This significant points margin equates to a gap exceeding the combined points of two entire Grands Prix.

While Verstappen has certainly benefited from his teammate’s qualifying setbacks, Helmut Marko couldn’t help but lavish praise upon the remarkable form displayed by the current championship leader.

“You saw how Max set the fastest lap with old tyres at the end. He is, as they say, from another planet at the moment. He has achieved a superiority that we have never had before,” said Marko.

When questioned about Verstappen’s persistence in pursuing the fastest lap, Marko responded by saying: “That’s Max, you can’t beat that out of him. He always has to go to the limit, as the warning for driving over the track limits showed. But that’s the mark of a great driver: He always delivers.”