Piero Ferrari’s Startling Assessment: Why Verstappen Outshines Leclerc in F1.

In a rather unconventional approach, Piero Ferrari, the esteemed vice chairman of Ferrari, has expressed his view that Charles Leclerc falls short when compared to the formidable talent of Max Verstappen.

Piero Ferrari holds a unique position as the sole surviving son of the legendary Enzo Ferrari and has faithfully fulfilled the role of vice chairman since 1989, a year following his father’s passing. His extensive experience and deep-rooted connection to the iconic brand make his opinions particularly noteworthy.

Adding to his remarkable lineage, Piero Ferrari boasts the distinction of being the only member of the Ferrari family to have graced the Formula 1 podium. His memorable moment occurred in 2013 when he joined Fernando Alonso on the prestigious steps following the Spaniard’s triumphant victory at the Chinese Grand Prix.

However, the days of Ferrari’s triumphant victories now feel like a distant memory, as the team continues to face a winless streak in 2023, having gone an agonizing 17 races without clinching the top spot on the podium.

While hope remains for a turnaround in fortunes, it is Charles Leclerc who emerges as the primary contender to end this dry spell and restore glory to the Scuderia. Yet, Piero Ferrari, known for his discerning perspective, has pointed out a crucial disparity between Leclerc and the current championship frontrunner, Max Verstappen—experience.

Acknowledging Leclerc’s undeniable talent, Piero Ferrari emphasizes that the young Monegasque driver still lacks the seasoned expertise that Verstappen possesses, potentially making the difference between triumph and defeat.

Piero Ferrari in an interview with Autosprint remarked: “Charles has the speed to be equal to Verstappen. But he has less experience, in terms of the number of GPs. Leclerc can still grow, he will grow.”

With 107 grands prix under his belt, Charles Leclerc’s racing journey pales in comparison to Max Verstappen’s impressive tally of 168. While Leclerc has showcased his exceptional skills on numerous occasions, Ferrari recognizes that there is still untapped potential waiting to be unleashed by his teammate, Carlos Sainz.

However, it is Verstappen who garners effusive praise from Ferrari, as the Dutch driver seems poised to secure a remarkable third consecutive championship title. Fondly recalling Verstappen’s triumph in Barcelona back in 2016, Ferrari describes him as being “at the pinnacle of his career,” a testament to his extraordinary talent and relentless drive to succeed.

“He is incredibly fast, He was already driving in F1 when he didn’t even have a driver’s licence in his possession,” said the 77-year-old about Dutch driver Max Verstappen.

“I was there when he got his first victory in Barcelona. He made his mistakes after that, his accidents. Now he is young and already has a lot of experience. He is a great driver who is now at the peak of his career.”